Project funding period ended

In June 2015 the funding for the BEEM projected ended.

BEEM has been a huge success, as measured by any number of metrics.  Our goal of developing the technical expertise as well as methods to analyze policy and to monitor and capitalize on potential sources of wastes and contaminants has worked well, resulting not only in significant research outcomes, but also in securing bioproduct approval and moving down the path to commercialization of technologies.

Overall, more than 90 publications, 6 book chapters, at least 10 Master’s theses and 6 PhD theses were produced during BEEM.  Along with these published deliverables were twice as many conference presentations and other scholarly and educational addresses to diverse audiences.  Students and professors alike also received many accolades over this period.  These are all tabulated in Appendix III.  Several BEEM alumni have gone on to prestigious postdocs in the U.S. (MIT, Berkeley) and EU (EMBL, DTU) and at least four now have faculty positions (US (x2), Canada, Korea). Many have entered the private sector in environmental consulting, others have joined fast-paced biotech companies including Intrexon and XymoResearch, both in California.

Project research has also produced commercilization outcomes including 3 startup companies.

However, the BEEM project is not really over, as the most exciting research will continue with new funding from an NSERC Strategic Network Grant on Industrial Biocatalysis (>$5M over 5 years), awarded in June 2014.